Some of the perks of winning the Superbowl include fame, fortune, a ring, a parade and an invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate. But Patriots tight end and Superbowl LI champion Martellus Bennett says he won't be accepting the latter.

"I'm not going to go," he told the Chicago Tribune after the game. "I'm going to elaborate later on in life."

Even before the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28, in an upset, the vocal Hillary Clinton supporter told the press he'd sit on the bench for the official White House visit, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Superbowl champion has yet to fully explain his decision to not attend the famous White House event, but we do know he's a critic of President Donald Trump, tweeting things like, "Surprised the president dude didn't ban celebrating Chinese New Year in America!!" according to CBS News.

CBS News reports Bennett is not concerned about his teammates' opinions on his stance, though, and that they support him in "whatever" he wants to do.

In fact, Time reports defensive back Devin McCourty told them he will sit out the trip to Washington alongside Bennett: "Basic reason for me is I don't feel accepted in the White House. With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices I believe certain people might feel accepted there while others won't."

Time goes on to report that Bennett and McCourty have used the football arena to take political stances before, too. Back in September, the magazine reports the two raised their fists after the national anthem in solidarity with the movement against racism started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. CNN explains the symbolism represents black power.

Both players' choice to skip the White House celebration is in stark contrast to some team leaders who support the president. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a supporter, as is coach Bill Belichick, according to Time.

There has also been speculation that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady supports the president. CNN reported last year that a "Make America Great Again" hat was spotted in the player's locker.