After years of service, a horse eventually reaches an age where he can't give as much as he used to. What his human caretakers do with him at that point says a lot about their capability for empathy, compassion and love. In 2013, a group of humans took one such horse to the top of a West Virginia mountain and left him to die.
The horse was once a beautiful black but now his coat was covered in sores. His hooves had been neglected, leaving his feet and legs in bad condition. When Joey Ferris and his girlfriend -- known only as CoCo -- found and rescued him, it was clear that the animal had been half-starved even before he'd been abandoned with no water. "They didn't know how to take care of an elderly horse, or any horse for that matter," Ferris said in the comments section of a YouTube video he posted about the horse. 

They called him Bones. The video, a tribute to the animal and the woman who cared for him, shows CoCo feeding him, bathing him, and caring for his wounds with medicated shampoo. "The curry comb [removes] dead skin and hair," CoCo said in the video comments, in response to a viewer's question. "He had a lot of crust under his coat."

Bones thrived under the attention; his wounds healed, and the bald patches began to fill in. He put on weight. He slowly began to appear to be healthy, although the veterinarian said that starvation had done permanent damage to his organs. Other than a five-minute stroll in the yard, seen in the video, he was never ridden again. Bones' days were filled with affection and loving care.

Bones passed away after two and a half years under Coco's care. His last years were happy ones were memorialized forever in Ferris' video. "We did the best we could for this horse," Ferris said.

Rest in peace, Bones.