We all have that one friend who fills a gap that no one else quite can - and a Texas man is bringing a whole new meaning to that very sentiment. When Graham McMillan, Fort Worth youth minister, found out his good friend Danny Kolzow desperately needed a kidney, he didn't hesitate to be tested as a match. 
Kolzow, a local nurse, was born with a rare condition that left him in dire need of a kidney. It was just days before he was expected to go into kidney failure that his lifelong friend McMillan got the news that would save his friend's life, and further bond them together, "...it's incredible news, that I get to not have to worry, I am going to get this lifesaving organ that I need. It's incredible." Kolzow told NBC 5

In the viral video you see McMillan holding a sign reading, "Heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?"  - pun intended - to reveal the news to his friend. The two embrace when Kolzow realizes what his friend has done for him - a beautiful moment captured on camera.


Check out the touching video below.