A mom came to the rescue of hungry students at a Michigan high school when she paid their outstanding lunch tabs. The mom, Amanda Keown, visited the school when her son, Dominic Gant called her to tell her that he hadn’t had lunch. He said that he went through the lunch line at Dowagiac Union High School and got lunch, but then lunchroom staff checked his account and saw that he owed less than $5.
Gant, who had $2 on him, offered to pay a portion of his overdue bill and bring the rest the next day, according to NPR, but lunchroom staff wouldn’t agree to his offer. Instead, they took his lunch and threw it away in front of everyone.  Gant said to the Huffington Post that the experience was “really embarrassing.”

That’s when he called his mom. Keown was understandably angry. She came to the school and took her son out to lunch. Afterwards, Keown went back to the school and paid nearly $200 to clear Gant’s balance and the lunch balances of 19 students at the high school because she thought it was wrong that kids had to go hungry at school.

She set up a petition on Care 2 to ensure that students at the school had a hot lunch. The petition is now closed, but it received more than 61,000 signatures. According to the Huffington Post, the superintendent of Gant’s high school said that the situation was rare and he thanked Keown for bringing the issue to his attention.