There are a lot of theories out there, but nobody on this side of the life-death divide knows for certain what happens when you die. Some people think a Kentucky man may have captured a piece of the puzzle. Saul Vazquez took a picture of an accident scene that appears to show what looks like a ghost hovering over a road accident. Vazquez didn’t know it at the time, but the motorcyclist who was injured in the crash, later died at the hospital.

Vazquez was passing by the scene of the crash in Powell County, Ky. when he took the photo.Vazquez told a CNN affiliate that the photo he posted was the original photo and hadn’t been altered. When he posted the photo to Facebook recently, according to CNN, people immediately thought the image was that of a spirit leaving its body. Other supernatural explanations included angels and the Virgin Mary. Skeptics thought that the ghost-like portion of the photo looked like the shadow of the tree branches. They also pointed out that it didn’t make sense that the motorcyclist’s spirit would leave his body at the accident, when he died at the hospital later. Other Facebook commenters rebuffed the skepticism by giving their own second-hand accounts of near-death experiences.


Check out the zoomed-in image below. What do you think Vazquez really saw?