Jessica Bean thought she was going to die before her wedding to her childhood sweetheart Cameron.  If she did manage live long enough to get married, she thought she’d be dead a few months later thanks to her cystic fibrosis, a deadly congenital lung condition.

Despite the looming threat of death Bean, 28, still prepared to march down the aisle. She said she wanted everything to be perfect, so she became a “bridezilla” during the planning, according to Redbook. Weight loss due to malabsorption can be one of the side effects of cystic fibrosis, so Bean also ate like a performance athlete during this time. According to Redbook she ate about 4,000 calories a day, so that she could keep her weight up. She said she ate lots of sugary snacks to meet her calorie quota. She also took up to 40 pills a day to manage her condition. 

When she spoke with her wedding photographer, she decided to try something different, the Sun reported. Her wedding photographer is the wife of an anti-sugar expert. She convinced Bean to give up sugar to see what would happen. Instead of eating junk to keep her weight up, Bean began choosing healthier options such as peanut butter and avocados. Once Bean gave up sugar, her life changed drastically.

Bean said that she was on her “feet again” after a few weeks and was able to do normal things she never thought she’d do again like Christmas shopping. Her lung condition improved rapidly and doctors recommended her to participate in trial to vet the efficacy of costly “miracle drug,” Orkambi.

A year later, Bean is a married, healthier, happier person. Her life is normal for the most part. She said she has gone from worrying about her death to planning her future. She now works as a health and wellness coach to help people understand how to eat for optimal health and nutrition.