A recent slate of murders of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers has some black people scared to interact with police officers at all. Tiffany Sharell Block was one of those people until she found the strength to step out of her comfort zone recently and extend an olive branch of peace. Block found a police officer on purpose to show her children that police officers are human beings. And like all humans, police officers need love too.

Block said on Facebook that God prompted her to show love in the midst of racial unrest while she was working out at the gym recently. She told God that if he gave her the opportunity to show love to an officer, she would obey. When she went grocery shopping with her kids later in the day, Block saw that God heard her response to Him. There, in the parking lot of the grocery store, was a police officer sitting in his cruiser.

Block stepped out of her comfort zone and had a conversation with the officer. She told him about her conversation with God, the fear her kids have of police and more. During the conversation, Block got to know the police officer on a personal level. The officer then spoke with Block’s kids and completely changed the way they viewed cops for the better.

Block shared her message of opening lines of dialogue and photos of her with the police officer with Love What Matters. Her post has been shared more than 50,000 times. People on Facebook seem to agree with Block’s message of #lovematters instead of #blacklivesmatter or even #alllivesmatter. One user said that turning the other cheek is hard, but sets a great example and another said it just takes one person to be the change we need to see.