New Zealand police officers show off their humor and moves in this surprise hip-hop dance routine performed at the annual Hip Hop Unite competition. To say that the crowd was blown away is a serious understatement. According to a Daily Mail article, organizer Gemma Laing described the atmosphere as "electric." 

Officers begin by performing a few simple break dancing moves and even the robot. Once the crowd is primed, they give each officer the opportunity to dance in the center stage showcasing their best moves. However, the grand finale was when an officer did a head spin! 

This isn't the first time that these officers, dubbed "Hip Hop Cops," have busted a move. Daily Mail indicates that earlier this year, the group posted a "Running Man" challenge on the New Zealand Recruitment Facebook page. The post encouraged other officers to engage in a friendly competition by posting their best moves. The post went viral which inspired the officers to perform at the Hip Hop Unite event. Clearly they did not disappoint. 

Check out the officers' incredible moves below. You may just catch yourself dancing along! Be sure to share with your friends.