It's often said that music is a gift. That means it's even better when shared, as in this 2013 performance. Ryan Wang, a then 5-year-old piano prodigy from Canada, gave one of his biggest fans, 101-year-old Dorothy Landry, a front-row experience to his melodies. The pint-sized piano pro played "Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song" for Landry.

"I guess he was about three maybe, and that's when I first met him," Landry said. "I'm looking forward to hearing him again. He's a very special little person." After exchanging hugs and thanks, Landry wished Wang a good trip to China and expressed that she'd love for him to see her when he returns. That last request filled the stoic young musician's eyes with tears.

According to the Daily Mail, Wang already earned quite a musical pedigree, performing on U.S. television on "The Ellen Show" and at the famed Carnegie Hall. However, this private performance for Landry holds it's own special place.

"I like playing for "Grandma Dorothy," Wang said. "I think it makes her happy." 

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