Marine Cpl. Richard Bennett died in a helicopter crash while serving his country in Iraq. He was just 25 years old. When Bennett’s body was returned to his hometown of Girard, Kansas for burial, his funeral was far from the peaceful event he may have wanted or expected.

Local news coverage shows that it was like a classic showdown between good and evil. Bennett's family was sandwiched between opposing forces. On one side representing the bad guys was the Westboro Baptist Church, a cult that believes God is punishing America for its acceptance of homosexuality, according to Watch This. In the video news report, they held up signs that said things such as “Thank God for IEDs ” and “God hates fags.” 

On the other side, a local chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders, were the good guys. The group of bikers led by Ken Van, a Christian pastor, kept the rabid Westboro Baptist Church members at bay. According to the news reports, they surrounded Bennett’s family, forming a human-biker shield of protection. The group also played patriotic music and kept their bike engines revved to drown out the noise from the Westboro members. Van said his group does what it does because “faith must show action” and “no family should have to face this type of hatred on the they’re putting their loved one to rest.”

Watch news coverage of Bennett's funeral below, and let us know what you think.