A University of Illinois student was charged with first-degree murder in early April in a case involving the student's newborn baby. Lindsay Johnson, 20, described as a quiet farm girl by friends, is being accused of killing her baby and then concealing the body inside her backpack after allegedly delivering the infant inside a campus bathroom, as reported by Inside Edition
According to WAND, university police arrived at Bousfield Hall after receiving reports that a student had been in the bathroom for hours. Police spoke with Johnson who told them that she was merely suffering from the stomach flu and that everything was fine. Hours later, university police returned to the same building after being notified by a student that evidence had been found in the bathroom that indicated a child had been born inside. Responders found a pool of blood inside the bathroom, according to Inside Edition. 


Authorities located Johnson a second time who confessed that she had given birth to an infant earlier; upon searching her backpack police found the deceased body of a newborn boy concealed inside, reports WAND. 

Inside Edition reports that Johnson told police that the infant was alive after she delivered him. Investigators believe she might have attempted to quiet his cries with her hand or a towel. 

Johnson's attorney Thomas Bruno offered comment on the case, stating: "This is a tragic case and a complicated case. There is much we still need to investigate and we intend to vigorously do so, to try to achieve justice on her behalf."

According to Inside Edition, Johnson was also charged with child endangerment and concealment of a homicidal death, in addition to first-degree murder. The student was released from custody after a portion of her bond had been posted. She currently faces the possibility of a 75-year sentence should she be convicted.