Cheerleading is more than a sport for the Decker family: it's a way of life. Andrew Decker told Fox and Friends he has been coaching cheer since he was seven years old, so it's no surprise that his daughter Emerson is a cheerleader. However, the surprising part is that she started at three months old.

"We started standing her up and holding her in my hand," Decker said, demonstrating. "We just built from there." Emerson, now four years old, has her own Instagram account with more than 209,000 followers. 

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This video from 2014 shows Emerson jumping into the water then into her dad's hand, doing the count and hand movements in perfect time.

Beach stuntin! 🌊🏄😎

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If the still of this video alarms you, it might help to watch the whole thing. 

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Decker lifts his little girl high in this video, where she adds a small twirl to her moves.


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How it all began: it's amazing to watch a baby with this much control of her midsection, but one commenter points out that "it's all in the guy's balance and hands."

Decker has, of course, received some criticism for stunting with his young daughter. He simply responds with the reminder that Emerson has been stunting for longer than she's been walking and that he's been coaching for many years.

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