A baseball fan saved a puppy from a hot car on Father’s Day weekend. The fan, Michael Warner, was leaving a Kansas City Royals game early when he heard whimpering in the parking lot. Warner, who was with his family, told them to spread out throughout the parking lot and look for the source of the sound.

Eventually, Warner found what was whimpering—the puppy. According to Fox 59, the puppy was in the backseat of a car. The window of the car was barely cracked according to Warner. Warner’s brother, Josh Lee, said one of the reasons they were leaving the game was because it was too hot for them. He implied that he couldn’t imagine what it must’ve been like for the puppy stuck in the car. Lee’s wife Erin said to Fox 59 that when they found the dog it was hot and his mouth was dry from the extreme heat.

The fans called 911 and told the Royals staff about the dog. When they got the okay, Warner rescued the dog from the car. A Royals staff member waited by the car for a while to try to catch the owner. In the time that the staff member waited, no one showed up, so the employee left a note on the vehicle. The puppy stayed overnight with a Royals employee before being taken to a local Kansas City shelter.

After the rescue, a Royals staff member waited by the car in hopes of talking with the owner.  After four innings, the owner hadn't shown up, so the employee wrote a note and left it on the car. They never heard from the owner of the puppy.

Another Royals employee took the puppy home for the night and then gave the animal to the KC Pet Project shelter in the morning. Officials speculated that the animal may have been left in the car because only seeing eye dogs are allowed into the Royals stadium. At any event, the city has launched an animal cruelty investigation, according to Fox 59.

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