Imagine that you are out for a night of fun with the friends. You've had a few drinks and you make a stop in the restroom. When you look in the mirror, instead of seeing your reflection looking back at you, you see someone else. 

That someone else is Kris Cadilla. Caudilla,32, is looking back at you from a prison cell. Caudilla chats with bathroom-goers for a few minutes before telling them his story:

In January of 2010, Caudilla was driving home after drinking with some friends. That night, he went the wrong way down a road and caused a head-on collision. The other driver, Deputy James Anderson Jr, 44, a father of four, was killed, NBC News reported. Caudilla is now serving 15 years in prison for DUI manslaughter. 

"I made the choice to drink. I made the choice to get in the car. You don't have to make that choice," Caudilla says. 

The men in the video all appear stunned, and taken aback by the encounter, though they all agree to help ensure that they and their friends find a safe way home after a night of drinking. 

We Save Lives, was founded in 2012 and serves to prevent crashes from drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol and distracted drivers. This particular campaign was a product of Mothers Against Drunk Driving founder Candace Lightner. 

"To someone who thinks this would never happen to them, I'd ... say think twice about it. Because I was in that same boat. I thought I was invincible. It eventually caught up with me." 

Every year more than 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving accidents, and one-third of the drivers involved in these accidents are repeat offenders, according to We Save Lives. 

You can help make road safer by following a few of these tips:

-Offer to be a designated driver for a friend
-Call a taxi for a friend or allow them to stay overnight if they've been drinking
-Make sure your friends know that you will not ride with a driver who has been drinking
-Call a cab if you've been drinking
-Stay off the road after drinking, even if you think you're "fine"