You may have seen trainers work wonders with dogs, but have you ever seen three bare-backed horses follow the command of a single leader? David Lichman, a licensed "Natural Horsemanship Instructor," works closely with horses and trainers for competitions and relationship development, according to David Lichman's website

A Horses at Liberty video shows Lichman playing with three horses on an open beach. With simple hand movements, and occasional nudges, Lichman runs the horses through various training exercises including having the horses lie down in the sand, roll over, rise to a seated position and  prancing. 

Owners can learn to work closely with their horse. Classes like horse psychology, rider makeovers, safety and training tips allow owners to develop better communication with their horses. Not only is this beneficial for competitions, it also creates a different type of connection between horse and owner/trainer, according to Parelli. 

Many people are more familiar with the term "horse whispering," than natural horsemanship. The concepts are the same though, individuals trained in natural horsemanship focus more on using gentle pressure and natural instinct than pain or fear. While trainers may be firm with the animal, they do not use pain to encourage the animal to behave, according to Natural Horsemanship

The concept of horse whispering is to create a horse-trainer relationship that's calmer and happier,according to Natural Horsemanship. 

"Natural horsemanship has become very popular in the past two decades and there are many books, videos, tapes, and websites available to interested equestrians. This philosophy has capitalized on the use of behavioral reinforcement to replace inhumane practices used in some methods of training, the ultimate goal of which is a calmer, happier, and more willing partner in the horse," according to Natural Horsemanship.