A banned Budweiser Light Super Bowl XLIV commercial from 2010 has resurfaced and is going viral.

The ad “Clothing Drive” is a sequel to the beermaker’s popular “Swear Jar” ad. Like “Swear Jar," it takes place in a typical corporate setting and presumably in the same "universe."
Instead of featuring bleeped-out profanity, the ad features nudity. In the spot, Sarah, a female employee, organizes a clothing drive. In exchange for clothing, Sarah offers her co-workers Bud Light. For each article of clothing they bring in, they receive a beer.

Instead of bringing in their old clothes, the company’s employees offer up the clothes they are wearing in exchange for Bud Light. Even the company’s boss gets in on the madness. He hires a new employee while wearing a button-down shirt, tie and underwear.

It’s easy to tell how many beers each employee has received by the amount of clothing he or she is wearing.

When the workday is over, most of the company’s employees are totally nude. In the ad, the nudity is obscured by black bars. 

At the end of the ad, Sarah’s boss tries to hug her after declaring that she should be congratulated for a successful charity event. Sarah, who is still fully clothed, recoils at the action. 

Warning: Some folks may find this video content inappropriate.