If you’ve found yourself thinking that something is wrong with the youth of today, you’re not alone and you may be on to something.

Physician, psychologist and author Leonard Sax pushes forth a similar opinion in his latest book, "The Collapse of Parenting."
In that book Sax discusses what’s wrong with the youth today and lays the blame solely at the feet of modern parents.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sax discussed his hypothesis.

He said the problem with today’s parents is that they treat their children like babies. In doing so, they have unwittingly given their authority to their kids. When kids have the power in a parent-child relationship, children end up obese and disrespectful. 

"I think you should treat kids like grown-ups," he said. "I think you should expect them to be mature and to behave, and I think that’s what it means to treat someone like a grown-up, among other things, although the phrase to treat someone like a grown-up is ambiguous."

To illustrate the transfer of authority from parent to child he used an example centered around a child patient of his. In Sax’s hearing, the boy told his mom to shut up when she tried to discuss the child’s symptoms with the doctor.

"That would have been very unusual in 1990 or 2000," he said. "It is now common: children, girls and boys, being disrespectful to parents, being disrespectful to one another, being disrespectful to themselves, verbally and otherwise. The mother did nothing, just looked a little embarrassed. The culture has changed in a profound way in a short period of time in ways that have really harmed kids."

To fix the problem, Sax said that parents need to set boundaries with their kids, teach them to be humble, enjoy spending time with their children and teach them the meaning of life.