Michelle Yates couldn't figure out why her daughter had been crying for the past several days, but one day when she took off Gabriella's diaper, she made a dreadful discovery. "We are appalled that Pampers baby-dry size 4 nappies bought from Asda have turned out to have shards of RAZOR SHARP METAL embedded in the inner core," the mother wrote on Facebook.

Yates knew something was amiss when she noticed cuts on her daughter's bottom, in addition to her wails of pain. Initially, medical staffers said the 5-month-old was likely constipated and the cuts were a result of straining. When changing Gabriella's diaper during the day, mom made the awful discovery. "Shocked, appalled, and disgusted don't begin to cover it!"

Understandably, Yates was outraged. She reached out to both Procter & Gamble and Asda, but their response was not as timely as she would have hoped. According to the Daily Star, Pampers issued a statement saying that customer safety is of utmost importance to them. A spokesperson said they were in touch with the family and were taking the issue "very seriously."

Yates' post on Facebook has been shared over 60,000 times. She insisted that family and friends "share widely" in order to spread the news and prevent this from happening anywhere else.

Yates' partner, Lee, told the Daily Star: "We don't want compensation but we want to know what happened and have someone investigate transparently, determine the cause and make sure that no other babies are affected."

Mom later shared on Facebook that she had been in touch with Pampers. She sent in the package of nappies to be investigated.