It may sound like harmless fun, but the the "Duct Tape Challenge" is anything but. The challenge has a simple enough premise: An individual is wrapped up in duct tape and timed to see how long it takes him to escape. For a Washington teen, the challenge nearly ended his life. 
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Skylar Fish was essentially immobile after having his arms and legs duct-taped by friends. In attempting to break free from captivity, Skylar lost his balance and came crashing down. His head collided with a concrete and metal window frame, Q13 FOX News reports. As a result of the fall, the 14-year-old needed immediate surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain. In addition, both his cheekbone and eye socket were fractured.

Typically, the person who gets duct-taped is seated. But in Skylar's case, he was standing. Since his arms were taped, he had no way to cushion his fall.

"They told me over and over that ... he’s lucky to be alive," Skylar's mother, Sarah, told the news outlet.

According to WQAD, Skylar's surgery was successful, though he'll remain in the hospital for another week or so. Now, on top of caring for her son, Sarah's agenda includes warning other parents and children about the dangers of what some may consider a "game." 

Sarah started a GoFundMe page to help with the medical costs associated with the accident. She's not sure if her son will ever see out of his left eye again. "So many friends and family ask how they can help, I honestly really only want everyone to pray for my boy and educate as many people as possible about the risks of these 'challenges,'" the mother writes. 

Sarah insists that Skylar knows what he did was "stupid and wrong." Though that's in the past, all the mother can do now is hope for a full recovery.