Cold sores are painful, embarrassing, but ultimately harmless ... except when they aren't cold sores at all.

Peter Lisle, a resident of Gin Gin, Queensland, Australia, can attest to the miserable fact after a cold sore that appeared in 2013 on his upper lip turned into a case of full on skin cancer, according to a report by The Daily Mail.
"I just had a tiny cold sore, but a biopsy showed it was cancerous," Lisle told the Daily Mail. "I was in shock. I was given pretty much all the scenarios, best and worse case."

It has been a difficult three years for Lisle, with operations necessary to remove the bottom part of his lip and mouth, along with more of his mouth and jaw. According to the Daily Mail, his fourth surgery, which lasted 20 hours, involved skin grafts from his leg and forehead to create a new mouth, along with parts of his calf bone to rebuild his jaw.

Lisle's family has opened a YouCaring page for him for friends, family, and well-wishers to offer monetary gifts to help pay for his treatment.  The page also serves to educate people to get any unusual skin marks or tags checked out as soon as possible, to keep others from taking the disease too lightly and paying the price for it later.