The church bells ring out and the organ blares. The groom anxiously awaits his bride at the altar. The doors burst open and out she comes, arm in arm with her father. But at the wedding of this Norwegian couple, there's an unusual element present. 

As Maria Holand Tøsse made her way down the aisle at Alesund Church in Norway, the bride-to-be pulled a microphone out from behind her dress and began to sing, "You Raise Me Up." The gesture instantly left groom Ronny Eidsvik choked up. As he wiped the tears from his eyes, Maria handed the microphone to her father, Charles. He put a twist on the classic, singing, "And now it's time, to give away my daughter," perfectly in tune.

As far as wedding surprises go, this is one that you don't see too frequently. While singing, dancing, and music are all common elements of a wedding (most notably during the reception), you don't often see someone singing while walking down the aisle. It was a unique way for Maria to display her love and affection. 

According to an article from The Local, Maria was a contestant on Norwegian "Idol" back in 2006. She reportedly finished third overall, which isn't all that much of a surprise after hearing what she's capable of. It's likely that she got a bit of that musical talent from her father.

The video of Maria and Ronny's wedding was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 8 and has since been viewed nearly 4 million times. It's clear that viewers around the globe were as touched by the melody as Ronny was.

Here's hoping for a happy life for the newly married couple!