A Kentucky man captured an interaction between a man and gorilla that many are praising for showing a bit of Mother Nature's humanity.

Paul Ross was with his 1-year-old daughter during their first visit to the Louisville Zoo in September when he spotted something unusual. A primate, named Jelani, was slouched next to the glass looking at photos on a young man's phone. According to Cleveland's FOX8, the two were flipping through photos of other gorillas. 
“He was really interested,”  Ross told LEX18. “You can watch the gorilla's hand, he kind of motions to say, 'hey, next picture', so he was really engaged.” 

The interaction between the two lasted for over 20 minutes. Ross uploaded his footage to YouTube where it has accumulated over 5 million views.

Online commenters mentioned the uncanny similarity Jelani had with humans. "Cool video, breaks my heart to see that Gorilla being so human though," read one highly voted YouTube comment. "When you go to the zoo, you start to realize how much we are like animals," read another. 

Jelani is a western lowland gorilla that has lived in Louisville's gorilla sanctuary since 2002, according to the Louisville Zoo website. Jelani's species is considered "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature -- just one step away from extinction. 

Deforestation is a major reason the number of gorillas is decreasing. “In many of the areas where gorillas once lived, there’s no forest left,” Jill Katka, assistant curator of Louisville's gorilla sanctuary,  told Trunkline Magazine. “Only remnants of the wild."

Besides deforestation, CNN reports that hunting is also a contributing factor in the declining gorilla population.

"People and gorillas encounter each other more often," Katka said. "And gorillas always lose the battle.”