John Townsend never imagined that one fateful night of bar-hopping following the dissolution of his marriage back in 1989 would impact his life in such a significant way decades later. Yet that's precisely what happened when, in an attempt to blow off some steam, he bumped into a woman named Pam at the club. Not only did the pair fall swiftly in love, but it was during this evening that John also met Pam's married friends, Dave and Marcia Lang.
The men hit it off immediately and became fast friends, John appreciating Pam's love and Dave's camaraderie as a welcome change from the loneliness he'd felt in the aftermath of his failed marriage. However, little did he know that a 1992 party, during which Dave and Marcia gifted him with a personalized book about his life journey, would set a curious set of circumstances in motion. John soon learned that Dave not only shared the same last name as his own mother, but that they both also hailed from Shoreditch, England.

Chalking this up to strange coincidence, it wasn't until another 15 years later that John's sister began researching his genealogy and the families made a startling discovery: John Townsend and Dave Lang were actually long-lost first cousins! John's mother and Dave's father were brother and sister, separated as young children and therefore raising all their eventual children – John and Dave – apart. Now, the two men report feeling like brothers, living happily in England with the new knowledge that their peculiar similarities are, in fact, because they're actually related by blood! Listen to the story in their own words and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.