When this German Shepherd from Tall Timbers, Maryland, first peers into its owner's bathtub, it's not sure how to react to the tiny rescued duckling waddling around inside. However, the animal's prolonged eye contact evolves into a love-fest as the curious canine gazes as the baby bird and eventually delivers a sweet kiss to welcome it into the home. Since the video was uploaded on July 20, it's been viewed almost 16,000 times – a testament to the darling interaction between such a massive dog and vulnerable little animal.
This bond is particularly intriguing given the German Shepherd's reputation, described by Dog Time as a bit standoffish and less welcoming to newcomers. Therefore, one wouldn't necessarily expect this breed, widely known for its utilitarian police and military duties, to behave so tenderly. Yet Dog Time does indicate that should German Shepherds be introduced to new people and animals at an early age they tend to socialize just fine. And while it's unclear how old this particular canine is, it appears these two animals will get along just fine. What's been your experience with German Shepherds' temperament? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.