It should go without saying: Do NOT try this on your own! Team Super Tramp set up this slip-n-slide off the edge of a cliff with a 50 foot drop into the cold waters below. Roaring down the slide was enough to even give some of the professional stuntsmen in their crew a rush of adrenaline. Still, it made the trek up the cliffside of Lake Powell, near Padre Bay in Utah well worth the trip. 

Team Super Tramp is comprised of adventure seekers and filmmakers who have joined Devin Graham, aka Devin Super Tramp in his quest to capture "the shot that no one else could..." While that quest resulted in many broken cameras in his youth, he now boasts a YouTube channel of over 3 million subscribers. Each one is eager to see the next wild adventure dreamed up by the team. 

What did you think of their little project? If it inspired you to make a trip out to Lake Powell, feel free. While you won't find any 50 feet water slides, the popular vacation spot features many mini adventures and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery. And not to worry, the waters are still as pristine as it was found by the Super Tramp Team. They were respectful and responsible enough to use environmental, biodegradable soap.