In the ever-changing cycle of clothing trends, discarding "old" items before they've even been owned for a full calendar year is alarmingly easy. However, The Sorry Girls showcase a creative DIY that just may make fashionistas think twice before dumping last season's duds into a box headed straight for Goodwill. Their video, uploaded to YouTube on June 23, shows how to recycle clothing accessories like scarves and belts into chic camera straps, proving that seldom-used stuff can still be stylish (not to mention functional).

Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright comprise the Toronto-based duo, The Sorry Girls – the name a playful nod to their stereotypical Canadian politeness, according to their website.  Together the ladies have created a YouTube catalog full of crafty DIY ideas, ranging from home decor to fashion advice and beyond. MacDermaid tells SF Globe that the pair met in college and started The Sorry Girls channel after scouring the Internet for DIY Halloween costume ideas and coming up completely short. That was when they decided to make their own costumes and share the ideas with the YouTube community. MacDermaid explains that after this project, they "fell in love with DIYing because it was a way to stay ahead of the trends in the cheapest way possible."


When deciding what DIY projects to tackle, MacDermaid and Wright draw inspiration from multiple places. MacDermaid tells SF Globe that they often crowdsource ideas from the audience, who request specific tutorials via social media. She adds that they also get ideas from "seeing items in home/fashion stores" and then challenge each other to make the items more cheaply than the retail price. However, this particular craft was inspired by The Sorry Girls' purchase of a new camera and the "need for a stylish camera strap to go with it." Given their knack for DIY transformations, they turned to the Internet for some upcycling ideas.

According to Fox Business, "Upcycling gives recycled goods another chance – reinventing them for another use," and these sorts of DIY projects have grown especially popular due to websites like Etsy and Pinterest, as well as video bloggers like The Sorry Girls. MacDermaid explains to SF Globe, "Everyone loves upcycling because it's a way to save money, do good by the environment by not throwing things out, and turning a once-loved item into something you can use again!" And MacDermaid and Wright's DIY camera straps, fashioned from an old scarf and belt, serve as a perfect example of the phenomenon.


What are The Sorry Girls' favorite DIYs to date? MacDermaid can't get enough of the DIY glass terrarium they recently created ("I have made half a dozen to date!") while Wright is particularly proud of their DIY neon signs. Wright tells SF Globe, "It was something that was pretty affordable to do but ended up looking like a million bucks. It was also super on-trend at the time, yet relatively unattempted in the DIY space." It's innovations like these that make MacDermaid and Wright's projects stand out: their tutorials often give DIY die-hards attainable ideas they can't find elsewhere.

For those folks who want to get craftier, The Sorry Girls recommend several essential tools to keep in their box of supplies:

1. A good pair of scissors
2. A pair of fabric scissors (MacDermaid says, "The difference is unreal and your fabric will be so much easier to cut.")
3. A hot glue gun
4. Gold spray paint (Check out their DIY seashell candles to see why)
5. Masking tape

However, you don't need to be a pro with a needle and thread in order to attempt MacDermaid and Wright's DIY projects. Wright tells SF Globe, "I learned most of my skills by trial and error, which sends a great message to anyone nervous about getting into it. I didn't know how to do half the things we show on our channel until I just went for it." After all, regardless of your skill level, what's more gratifying than wearing an accessory that you fashioned with your own bare hands?