Often times when we consider the bigger issues in our world like hunger, poverty, and homelessness, we feel that these issue are so big that it's impossible to make a noticeable difference on a singular level. Sure, you can give one person a meal - but will that really do anything to change the issue of global hunger? Cher Croner, a woman who would consider herself to be an ordinary person, is the perfect proof that one small act of kindness can do an incredible amount of good. Croner lives in Detroit, Michigan in a neighborhood where many children go hungry during summer when they don't have school-provided lunches. When Croner noticed some hungry kids outside of her house, she gave them snacks from her pantry. More kids started coming to her for food, so the organization No Kid Hungry helped her set up a summer meals program in her backyard. Because of one small act of kindness to help feed a few hungry kids, Croner's entire community has come together to provide the best possible circumstances for their youth. 

No Kid Hungry is an organization that aims to end childhood hunger in the United States.  Approximately 48.8 million Americans live in households that do not get enough nutritious food, and 16.2 million of those Americans are children. While many cases go unnoticed by the general public, childhood hunger affects nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. When children don't get enough to eat, their development suffers across the board. Without getting enough nutritious food, a child will be unfocused and lethargic throughout the school day; if a child goes without proper nutrition all the time, that child is severely disadvantaged throughout his or her entire time at school. Just think about how terrible you feel after you skip a meal; most of us get headaches, feel lethargic, get moody, or any other number of negative outcomes. Now imagine children dealing with those feelings while trying to make it through a difficult math problem. The issue is clear, and it's wonderful to see that No Kid Hungry is working with community members to develop a strong system that helps our kids get the nutritious food they need to succeed. 

What do you think of what Cher Croner did for the kids in her neighborhood? Would you have done the same? Did you know that childhood hunger was such a prevalent issue in the U.S.? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!