This isn't any ordinary day playing in the "sandbox." Instead, watch as this gentleman captures the truly hypnotizing quality of the Sahara Desert sand dunes during a trip to Merzouga, Morocco. The holes he digs immediately collapse in on themselves, demonstrating just how fine the grains are. In fact, the sand appears to flow like water and this liquid quality is truly something to behold. 

According to Live Science, the Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert (as opposed to harsh Antarctic and Arctic cold deserts) and spans 11 African countries. Its notorious gale force winds create tremendous sandstorms and play a large role in shaping and shifting the awe-inspiring dunes like the ones seen in this video. While many picture the Sahara as a desolate sea of silky sand, it's actually considered a rocky hamada, which is a landscape featuring "very little sand, [...] made up of primarily barren, hard, rocky plateaus."

Here at SF Globe, we had always pictured the Sahara much like it's portrayed in fictional movies and had no idea that it is, in fact, a more diverse terrain than the stereotypical sand dunes. However, one thing is undeniable: this Sahara is a mystical place that we loved seeing up close.

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